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Vague Space is a space shooter built around being entirely playable by the blind.

The game features voice cues (Including an in-depth "How to Play".), responsive sound effects, and global sound positioning to aid the player play through the game.


Vague Space is a prototype I made for my high school senior thesis project about game development for the blind.

How to play:

Vague Space is a space shooter in-which you must either dodge incoming enemies or shoot them in order to survive the darkness of deep space.

Whenever an enemy gets close to your ship, you will hear your radar beep in the direction of the threat. However, if an enemy is directly in front of the ship, you will hear loud sirens to warn you. At this point you can either shoot the enemy down or dodge the hazard by moving left or right.

There are three different types of enemies. There is a slow asteroid, a fast alien scout, and a lightning speed alien speeder. The faster an enemy is the higher pitch the radar will be.

Rather than dodging enemies, you can instead shoot an enemy when it is directly in front of you. After you shoot your blasters, they must recharge. They will automatically recharge indicated by a whirring sound. When they finish charging, you will hear a beep indicating they are ready to be fired again. All enemies can be killed using one shot.

Simply stay alive as long as you can. The longer you live, the more you can brag!

Every game session, you will be able to set up your controls after simply starting the game. You may use any keys to play the game.

Resolution Control:

F1 - Default resolution

F2 - 2x resolution

F3 - 3x resolution

F4 - Fullscreen (4:3 only, sorry!)


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Certainly an interesting concept. I like how the controls can be bound per session as well. I do have one question, though: is the game actually infinite or is there an ending point? I'd imagine there's a theoretical ending point somewhere, but it's such a high value that players will either quit or fail before ever reaching it.

There's no ending! I made this quick for a school project years ago, so it's a bit bare haha


Vague Space no doubtedly seems to be one of the most interesting games that I've played to this date. Very innovative given it was made for people who are blind making you rely on only your sound to get you through the levels. Great overall idea, not buggy and controls are responsive. 10/10

Thank you!


This game is made for the blind, so of course it has to amplify the only other sense people have when playing a game, the sound. This game does so REALLY well. The game used directional audio to make you feel like you were in the game and know your surroundings. I believe this game also has a large potential for people WITH sight as the graphics are INCREDIBLE even for a game made for the blind. Genius concept, amazing graphics, well-made. SOLID 10/10

Thank you!


cool game. i like the art

Thank you!